Area: 267 m²
Location: Borisov, Belarus

Photographs: Vladimir Markevich, Anastasiya Venskaya

Manufacturers: Engineering Bureau, Borisov; Kimstroy  


Project year: 2014


Eco-Friendly Office Space Design / Markevich Project

The future of office design is all about flexibility, creativity, and environmental protection. Precisely these three ideas were motivational for us, a close-knit team of Markevich Project architects and engineers, when we were conceptualizing the idea of our new office. Space is located in the city of Borisov (Belarus), far from the hustle and bustle of a big city. The project for our new office space emerged as an experiment that would bring together intelligent workspace planning and proximity to nature. 


Eco-Friendly Office Space Design / Markevich Project

The two-story office building with an open rooftop is a workplace of a young team of architects, engineers, and designers, 30 employees in total. The layout of the first floor involves a 70 m2 office space, a 22 m2 documentation management department, as well as a technical room, a boiler room, a cloakroom, and a bathroom. The second floor houses a 116 m2 open space, two balconies (5 m2 each), a small storage room, and a bathroom. For the interior design of both floors we chose a black and white palette – a timeless color combination that never goes out of fashion. 

  Eco-Friendly Office Space Design / Markevich Project


Once you enter the office, you will immediately see the distinctive feature of the new interior design – wooden tubes that divide the office space. This eco-friendly solution was inspired by the project that we implemented two years ago: in the new office design, we used production waste from a woodworking enterprise. To encourage an environmentally conscious workplace, an automatic lighting system with a motion sensor is used around the entire office space. We did not limit the new eco-friendly office design to indoor spaces: right by the office, we installed an outdoor workout area. The outdoor sports facilities make it possible for the employees to hit their workout goals right after the working day – without having to spend money on the gym!  


   Email: Project year: 2014


Another architectual solution are the panoramic windows installed on both floors: filling the room with natural light, they also provide lovely views. All windows are soundproof that block up to 95% of noise coming through – a practical solution to stay focused and avoid distructions while working. The walls are equiped with interactive whiteboards that are not only handy for conducting presentations and building collaboration in teams – they are also in sync with the black and white décor of the entire space. The team of Markevich Project found the new office space design enjoyable and motivational. Since 2014, the new office interior has been an inspiration for each team member – be it discussing a new promising project or making decorations for the upcoming celebrations.