Реконструкция привокзальной площади
16 June 2020

How we sponsored the project of the OWL SCHOOL

Nearly all of the objects that are done in the MARKEVICH team are industry-sponsored. Our company provides not only Steel Detailing Services that covers designing, analyzing and detailing of large and complex structures. We excel in working on city services that include socially responsible 3D Modelling and Drawing. Our employees with a corporation partners or in some cases several helps our city to create a unique space of non-profit projects to the schools, hospitals, bridges and other social city places in Belarus.

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6 May 2020

Reconstruction of the bakery fabrication complex

Technological, architectural, constructive solutions — three advantages that help us to enter new markets and be in demand abroad. Reconstruction of the bakery fabtication under a multifunctional complex today is open for your view.

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28 Apr 2020

Eco-Friendly Office Space Design / ZG15 Borisov, Belarus

The two-story office building with an open rooftop is a workplace of a young team of architects, engineers, and designers, 30 employees in total. The layout of the first floor involves a 70 m2 office space, a 22 m2 documentation management department, as well as a technical room, a boiler room, a cloakroom, and a bathroom.

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13 Mar 2020

Markevich project have entered australian market

We have started working in Australian market. Management systems, soviet architectural background, partnership and quick reactions — four advantages that help us to enter new markets and be in demand abroad.

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